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The Improvisation For Life Workshop

Certification Program

This is the Certification you’ve been waiting for.

You’re creative, you know you have something to teach, and you want to make the world a better place.

Join Katie and students from all over the country in building a highly profitable business leading the

“Improvisation For Life” Workshops & Retreats.

After 20 years of teaching these creative, fun and inspiring workshops, I know that they matter. People come back to do them again and again. I see the excitement the retreat participants get out of it as they learn about themselves, see their potential, and connect with others. I hear incredible feedback about how this work changed their lives. So… I want to allow for more people to experience it!

You have a gift

You want to coach people. You know you are good with people who are going through transitions, and you know something about life. You want to help. But it’s hard to know exactly how to create a retreat or workshop. And it’s even waaaaay harder to know how to create a business that supports you in doing this work you crave.

That’s where we come in. You will be trained in creating your workshop, using either Katie’s format or your own content. Katie has 20 years experience and has taught 10,000 people how to use the tools of improv in every day life. She knows how to work with a group. She knows how to command a room, and how to lead people into finding their potential. She also knows how to deal with difficult things that can come up. She will teach you how to manage a group, change your plan on the fly when things don’t go as you’d expected, and she will help you learn to inspire people to make the most of their lives and fill them with meaning and purpose.

And you will learn how to make a living at this!


If you are a fan of Katie’s Improvisation For Life workshop and retreat, or Katie’s podcasts, her book, her speaking then you know Katie’s coaching is for you. You will be certified in teaching these workshops with your own twist.


If you want to be coached to create your own workshop and retreat — perhaps one using another kind of improvised art — Katie will coach you to create your own retreat and will lead you to get your business up and running and profitable.

She’s got the resume, experience and talent to impress... but what makes Katie so special is how much she really cares about you and your success. She knows how to connect meaningfully to support, guide and encourage you. She’s bright, uplifting and a ton of fun to work with! Katie herself is the secret sauce that makes this program gold. I feel so lucky to have her in my corner!
— Nora Daniels

Our fall certification training weekend will be over Columbus Day weekend, October 11-14, in Brooklyn, NY with our first group Skype call the evening of Wednesday September 18th.



  • 1 retreat as a participant (Like Chico Hot Springs or Kripalu. See below.)

  • 1 LIVE 2-DAY TRAINING either in NYC, Montana or a LIVE SKYPE TRAINING from the comfort of your home if you can’t make it to any of the scheduled training sessions. This includes learning to create and teach the workshop itself, as well as training on your business strategy. Our next training will take place October 12th-14th in Brooklyn, NY.

  • The live training also includes a special coaching session with practice participants to help guide you in putting your own twist on the workshop. 

  • 4 1-hour PRIVATE personal life coaching and entrepreneurial training sessions from Katie (one hour a month for 4 months), just for you alone to hone your skills and business strategy.

  • 4 group coaching sessions on developing your business (one per month, on Skype)

  • A training package of materials to guide you both creatively in creating your workshop and to give you specific business training. This includes training on:

    • Marketing and PR

    • Business Strategy

    • Life Coaching

    • Creativity Coaching

    • Improvisation and Comedy Skills

    • Retreat Creation

  • 2 Follow-Up Private Coaching Sessions anytime in the next year

  • Further Private follow-up coaching/training add-on sessions  are optional after certification completed


If you are interested to get rolling right away, the very first part of the program is to take one of the retreats that you will be learning to lead.

If you do not see a workshop you are able to attend, please contact info@katiegoodman.com

After you’ve taken a workshop, the rest of the training will begin based on your schedule. There are lots of options to meet your needs: live in person in Montana or New York City, or simply on Skype. Katie will work out with you what is the best option and ensure that a training day is made available for you.


Katie is taking applications for the certification throughout the year, and the first step in your training will be to take the workshop itself so we can connect and make sure this is a fit.

If you have already taken one of her workshops in the past, you can skip this step and note that on your application. (The fee you spent on the workshop will be deducted from your Certification Program.) Or you are of course welcome to take the workshop again which would be a great way to really get more of it under your belt!

If you want to be certified and coached in creating your own workshop, we recommend you still take Katie’s workshop so that you have an understanding of workshop structure and so you have a chance to work together. Please email us to discuss options: info@katiegoodman.com.


$6,000 plus travel and lodging for workshops.

(The price of the workshop is included in The Improvised Life Certification Program, so you will be charged separately for the retreat if you decide not to do the certification, but if you do the certification program, it will be included in your price.)


  1. Download the application using the green button below.

  2. Email the application to info@katiegoodman.com

  3. Once we receive your application, we will schedule a phone call to see if this is right for you.

Katie is only taking on a small group of very dedicated students right now and we want to make sure this is right for you and that you are right for it. Katie will look at your application and have a talk with you on the phone before acceptance into the program.


  • Some comedy or theatre or improv or performance experience. Does NOT need to be extensive. We can teach you that part. This is so you know you like this art and will be excited to lead it.

  • An enthusiastic interest in life coaching and personal discovery. You do not need a background in coaching at all. That’s what Katie’s here for!


Do I have to be funny? Nope! Just playful!

Do I have to teach only women? Nope! Katie teaches co-ed workshops too.

Is this only for touchy feely yoga people? Nope! Katie teaches in both in the corporate sector and holistic worlds.

Will I make money as a certified Improvised Life Coach? That’s the idea! And that’s why we will focus on business but also Katie will coach you as an entrepreneur.

Do I have to become a life coach? Nope! You can also be the kind of retreat leader that just lets the games and interactions be enough. A fun retreat without the life coaching is also something people love.

What if it turns out I’m bad at this or don’t like it halfway through? If that happens, we will have a genuine conversation about what’s not working, and if this isn’t for you, then we will refund you. We don’t want people to waste time or money on something that isn’t a good fit. But we will try to come up with a version of the workshop that is a better fit for you which might solve the problem. Remember… Katie loves improv so coming up with something original together is what she’s all about!

Will this be fun or hard? Both hopefully! But we’d rather use the word “challenging” or “exciting” than hard. But starting a new business is both exciting and also some work of course. Katie will help you stay on track and bust through any blocks you have. If it’s something you are excited to do, then this will enrich your life for sure!

What if I can’t travel to the designated training location on the specified dates? Katie will make sure the dates work for you before you sign up.

If you can’t make our live webinar on July 16th, you can watch a prerecorded informational webinar by clicking the button below!


“Katie is a powerhouse, wrapped in a dynamo, wrapped in a comedian, wrapped in an experienced entrepreneur, wrapped in a generous, kind, nurturing and real person. In other words, she is exactly who you want by your side as you make a life change, or a career change and forge a new path. THIS is the certification you want!”

-Sloane Miller


Email katie’s assistant tana to learn more or schedule an appointment with Katie!

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