“Improvisation For The Spirit”

Women’s Creativity Workshop

Through hilarious and interactive improv games, Katie teaches us how to use the tools of improv comedy to become spontaneous, flexible and courageous, to welcome the chaos, and to thrive on change!

Absolutely everyone can learn to successfully apply the tools of improvisation to cultivate more energy, spontaneity, and self-trust in everyday life. Katie Goodman has found that the skills required for improv are the same skills needed for any job or relationship. In this soul-enriching, laughter-filled program, Katie uses hands-on experiences, reflection, and group discussion to teach you how to unleash your confidence and creativity. Using improvisational comedy games and exercises that encourage people to work together, you can reach a flow state where self-criticism and self-consciousness can’t exist. By letting go of roadblocks, you learn new tools to apply in you daily life and to your individual journey. Come free up your sense of fun, play, and lightness of spirit!

What You’ll Experience

  • More energy and creativity

  • Improvisational comedy games and exercises

  • A sense of fun and lightness of spirit

    Upcoming Workshops…


DUMBO Brooklyn, NY, May 18th, 9am-3pm 2019

Chico Hot Springs Creativity Retreat

Chico Hot Springs, Montana, Feb 1& 2, 2020


NYC, November 2nd,10am-4pm, 2019


Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Mass, Dates TBA March 2020

A look into Katie Goodman’s Creativity Workshop

Chico Hot Springs Women's Retreat with Katie Goodman

“What a great way to sever the umbilical chord that had been encouraging my obnoxious Inner Critic. It fell in one swoop weekend!” - Jill F.

Women's Retreat with Katie Goodman

"Improvisation for the Spirit answers the question "How can I be whole in all that I do, achieve and who I interact with?" It was beautiful! Katie wonderfully blended a playful yet professional approach in all the activities. She chose a curriculum that spoke to me and the others in an encouraging way." –Lisa K.

I was in need of a non-judgmental, accepting environment. I realized how simple and relaxed my life really is but how difficult I make it. Trusting that everything will work out in an improv game can apply to life. Katie is terrific.”
— Maggie K
Katie Goodman's Creativity Retreat

"Katie told us to clear our minds and the ideas would come. I told her there would be nothing there. I was wrong." –Anne W.

Women's Creativity Retreat with life-coach Katie Goodman

"I knew the workshop would energize me and give me confidence, but I'm amazed at the strength of the energy and confidence this weekend has inspired. Katie possesses a real knack for putting people at their ease. Her inner peace and strength draw others to her and her humor and intelligence keep them around." –Pam S.

For the first time ever, Katie Goodman is offering a certification in her “Improvisation For The Spirit” retreats!