How Not To Freak Out with Overwhelm On The Last Day of Summer!

Oof. It’s over. Cookouts and sunblock and road trips and cute sandals. 

Next up: Staff meetings and carpool coordination and time to dye your hair back from that Summer Beach Blanket Bingo Blonde experiment to Office Brown. 

If you’ve got kids, however, the prospect of school starting up again is filled with a big Thank You Jeeezus. 

You visited Grandma, you watched Jurassic World 2 — twice cuz the theatre near Grandma’s has only that or the horror movie Boarding School (but come on, how scary can it be for a 3rd grader?? You’ve got to do SOMETHING in this rain!!!) — and now you have 8 hours left. 8 hours, 39 minutes and 22 seconds.

But tomorrow you’ll be back at it: that means pantyhose for some of you (that is reason enough to work in a home office... ladies you have my condolences), a to-do list as long as the President’s list of officials leaving the White House, and after a summer experimenting with going off of coffee, tomorrow you know your answer will be a very clear “Are you freaking kidding me??? What the hell was I thinking???”

Well, you aren’t alone. Grab that double latte, kiss your kids goodbye, post that pic of them heading off to school on Facebook and Instagram, momentarily stare longingly at socials (promise yourself you’ll treat yourself to a half hour of lurking at lunch) and head off to work. Sit down at your desk. And now....

Do NOT try to get through all your emails! Step away from the emails!

FIRST: take 5 minutes to write down what’s important to you this year. Where do you want to grow? What are your core values? If NOTHING else happened this year except two things, what would they be?

This is a really clear moment you have right now. It won’t come back easily. Take a breath, find your center — as in who you are right now. And where you want to go. Who will you be come this year?

Labor Day. It always sounds like it’s about giving birth, doesn't it? And in a way it is. But, seriously: get the epidural. Let me help make your Labor Day kick off your fall in a fun and easier way this year!