If Steve Martin and Julia Cameron had a baby and hired Samantha Bee to raise it, you might get someone as bright, funny insightful and inspiring as Katie Goodman.

This ain't your normal Powerpoint, people!

Katie's interactive keynote speeches and break-out sessions are smart, funny and engaging. Katie teaches us how to use the tools of improv comedy for innovation, collaboration, breaking out of creative ruts in the workplace, and how to "Gag Your Inner-Critic." She gets the creative juices flowing that make people and companies passionate, productive, and energized. 

"The goal isn't to keep chaos or change from happening—because it's all unpredictable. The goal is to practice improvising throughout life so you become flexible and courageous and can handle anything."

- Katie Goodman

Topics include:

Katie Goodman speaking topics, outside the box inside the budget.

Outside The Box, Inside The Budget

Dreaming and scheming is a good thing but there are always constraints. Like any rules of improvisation, constraints actually help us be more creative. They offer boundaries and limit our choices, helping us avoid overwhelm. Katie will show you how to look at your budget as a useful tool to keep your creativity flowing.

Katie Goodman speaking topics, women stealing the show

Women Stealing the Show

Women's insights are changing the business world. Now is the time to know the power of your ideas, and to trust what you have to offer. Women's workshops and keynotes in an all-female atmosphere give women a safe and fun place to practice finding their voice... and use it!

Katie Goodman Speaking Topics, Innovation


Allowing for Safe & Creative Risk-Taking: Improv games and exercises teach us how to become someone who is comfortable taking creative risks for our business, entrepreneurship, and personal lives. Nothing exciting or new happens in business without creative risks. 

Katie Goodman Speaking Topics, Get Lost

Get Lost

Crucial for a business and for our personal lives. Katie will lead you through learning how to actually love the stages of being lost and the thrill of coming out the other side with new ideas and ready for action.

Katie Goodman Speaking Topics, Collaboration In The Workplace

Collaboration in the Workplace

Improv is all about collaboration. Katie gives participants the chance to explore new ways of collaborating that will benefit them in deep and meaningful ways. She will put energy and fun back in your interactions and connections, leading to a healthier work environment.

Katie Goodman Speaking Topics, Gag Your Inner Critic

Gag Your Inner Critic

Our Inner Critic keeps us from reaching our potential and living our best life. In a company, it keeps people from taking creative and innovative leaps, from supporting each other, and slows down progress. We can learn to transform our Inner Critic to a helpful Inner Coach that blazes the way for our personal growth and allows us to show up fully and reach our potential. 


Katie's Keynote and Break-Out Session topics are customizable for your event. Katie will work closely with you to develop a unique expression of your convention’s vision or company’s mission.

Katie Goodman is simply incredible.  As the keynote speaker at our first national #NoMeanGirls Conference in Dallas, Texas, she ‘rocked’ the house. Through her beautiful use of improv comedy exercises and poignant commentary, this vivacious power-chick has an amazing ability to read and connect with your audience.  You get 110% with Katie Goodman.  She is the REAL deal.
— Shivaun M. Palmer, CEO, #NoMeanGirls National Conference  

The Top 7 Take-aways from Katie's Keynote Speeches

1. Learn to love being lost. You can’t grow without it. There’s such good stuff in there. Find it. Practice enjoying being lost. Trust you’ll come out stronger.

2. Gag that Inner Critic! Turn your Inner Critic into a factual, non-judgmental helpful Inner Coach.

3. Practice spontaneity every day so it comes to you easily. That’s where creativity and innovation lives.

4. Surrender the preconceived goal. Use it as a guide only. There's way more to be found than just that measly thing you could dream up at the beginning.

5. Be flexible. Or you'll get left behind.

6. Take creative risks. You won’t die. You probably won't even get sent off on an ice flow.

7. Be authentic. When you are authentic there will invariably be people who don't accept you. In that case you just have to be your own bad-ass self without apology. 

We promise Katie won't swear during her keynote, but for something completely different (and for a good laugh), check out Katie's Comedy!

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