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Katie's Keynote Topics Include:

- Improvise & Innovate Your Way Through Change

- How To Handle ANYthing: Women Stealing The Show

- Gag Your Inner Critic

The goal isn’t to keep chaos or change from happening—because it’s all unpredictable. The goal is to practice improvising through life, so you become flexible and courageous and can handle anything.


Corporate Workshops
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Meet Katie

Katie Goodman is an award winning comedian, author, and speaker, who can be seen on Showtime, TruTV, and, more often than she would admit, in line getting a mocha latte with extra, extra whipped cream. Katie literally wrote the book on using improv comedy to improve your life (No, seriously, click here). Katie's work in comedy has amassed over 3 million online views, and her show "Broad Comedy" plays Off Broadway. Through her training and speaking, Katie has taught over 10,000 people how to use the tools of improv comedy in their lives to handle absolutely anything, be more creative and courageous, and confident. Her mix of her love of self-help and comedy lands her career somewhere in between Samantha Bee and Deepak Chopra. Her work has been celebrated by Arianna Huffington, Leslie Stahl, Time Out New York, and her Pilates teacher in Brooklyn who says she is "getting better." Besides her own book, Katie's writing can be seen In O Magazine and The Huffington Post. Katie holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, and was nominated for the MacArthur Genius Grant for her work in theater. She got beat out by the astrophysicist who discovered the multiphase liquid behavior of nuclei, but better luck next time. When she's not at home in New York City, Katie can be found traveling the country for speaking events, comedy shows, "Improvisation for Life" retreats, Certification Program training, and workshops.


Women's Leadership

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If Steve Martin and Julia Cameron had a baby and hired Samantha Bee to raise it, you might get someone as bright, funny insightful and inspiring as Katie Goodman.
— Arianna Huffington
Katie Goodman is spontaneous, creative and fearless. Filled with anecdotes and prescriptions for finding courage. Smart, wise and hilarious.
— Lesley Stahl, 60 Minutes

Personal Growth

A winning and creative volume that will help the shy, the fearful, and the controlling to loosen up and enjoy life. Goodman provides anecdotes from her work and encourages self-exploration with writing, drawing and doing exercises. Goodman’s advice is even helpful for controlling self-doubt: “Our Inner Critic is trainable. Think Young Frankenstein singing ‘Puttin’ On the Ritz.’” Goodman’s quirky, thoughtful approach and breezy tone should give wound-up readers some new ways to relax, relate and think about their lives.
— Publisher's Weekly

Improvisation For Life Workshop

November 2nd, NYC



Join Katie Goodman in her lively (and funny) podcast that will spark your creativity, help you get unblocked, and give you brilliant life-hacks, for creating a career and life driven by purpose!


The Improvisation For Life Workshop

Certification Program

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