Laugh, Connect, Feel Empowered

Katie provides desperately needed energy to the movement, all the while making it hilarious and inspiring.
— Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood

Katie Goodman is like... if Brene Brown and Deepak Chopra had a baby and it was raised by Sarah Silverman. Only more affordable!

Katie’s special session on Creative Leadership was wonderfully received and the feedback from participants reminded us how important this topic really is. She wows the crowd whenever she speaks!
— Patty DeDominic, Women's Festivals
Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!
— Eve Ensler
Before there was the women-in-comedy phenom
Bridesmaids, there was Goodman. Goodman is all kinds of myth-busting!
— MS Magazine
Hilarious! Fortunately there are the Goodmans of the world that can steer us back to reality.
— Bustle Magazine