Absolutely anyone—CEOs, nurses, accountants, introverts, extroverts—can learn to successfully apply the tools of improv comedy to cultivate more energy, spontaneity, self-trust, and creativity in everyday life.

Improv comedy requires quick thinking, collaboration, getting out of our own way, and being in the moment without being a perfectionist. These are skills we can all learn to use to be happier and more effective each day.

Katie's funny and fast-paced workshops—from break-out sessions to day-long trainings—are smart, lively, approachable, and engaging. And they are customizable for your event.

In our jobs, every meeting has something unexpected, every client interaction goes a different direction than you intended, and every day brings a situation you couldn’t imagine.  We engaged Katie to walk us through the improv process so that when something unplanned happens, we can react in a positive way in the moment (and hopefully with humor).  The immediate business benefits of Katie’s training have improved our interactions across the company both internally and with our clients.  We are also having a lot more fun with each other, and that boost to morale is immeasurable.
— Edward Roske, CEO, InterRel Consulting
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Breakout sessions:

Katie will work with you to create an energizing and playful atmosphere, while offering participants real tangible tools and insights to meet your conference or retreat goals. 

Themes include:

-The Messy Middle: Learning to Love the Adventure of Change & Growth at Work and In Life

-Team-Up: Exercises and Games That Inspire Your Team to Work Together In A Completely New, Creative and Supportive Way. 

-Women Killing It: Now is our time. How to Own Your Authentic Voice

-Confidence Boosters: Like A Shot of Wheat Grass For Your Mind and Your Team (But tastes better)

-Ready, Fire & Aim: Allowing for Safe & Creative Risk-Taking

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Katie's Workshops featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!

Katie’s hands-on presentation style included improvisation skills for thinking outside the box, listening to your intuition, gagging that inner critic and letting go. I would highly recommend Katie Goodman’s workshops to conferences, organizations’ retreats or any individuals who are looking for laughter and a means to connect with other women. These skills are truly applicable to anyone.
— Sandra Opdahl, Healthy Living Nursing Conference
We were captivated by Katie’s energy, her personal and accessible style and the compassionate humor—we’re still talking about it. In a word, a huge hit! I know I left enlightened and invigorated, and that’s a terrific gift. And, I think those who can transmit that power— the power of creative ideas— those folks have a responsibility to do so. It’s the sort of thing that keeps a community’s soul alive. And, Katie can bring that.
— Dean Williamson, Sunflower Center for Arts
Katie created a safe learning and performing environment. The laughs along the way brought me back to 2nd grade recess. The applicability to life today is a bonus that I carry with me.
— Julie Gershman, Finance Strategy and Risk Officer