Katie's Comedy

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Katie is pretty similar to, say, Gandhi.

Musical comedian, actress, author, speaker and coach.

Playing Off-Broadway.

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Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!
— Comedy Central
Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!
— Eve Ensler
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I see thousands of comedians every year and Katie Goodman can hold her own not just as a feminist political comedian who calls out the powers that be, but also just simply as one hell of a funny woman who ups the ante of how funny women comedians can be.
— Caroline Hirsch, Caroline's on Broadway
What’s that, Louis C.K.? Feminists don’t have a sense of humor? Try telling that to comedian-actress-musician-feminist Katie Goodman. Before there was the women-in-comedy phenom Bridesmaids, there was Goodman. Goodman is all kinds of myth-busting!
— MS Magazine
Katie will help you laugh at the bastards — thus lengthening your life and shortening theirs.
— Gloria Steinem
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I want to lick her brain.
— Audience Member, New York City
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Broad Comedy

Ever wonder what would happen if SNL and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee had a child and hired Tim Minchin as the manny? We have the answer! Broad Comedy has been producing snarky, provocative and loveable all-women’s comedy and musical-satire since 2000. Internationally touring, award-winning, and with YouTube hits reaching in the millions, Broad Comedy has now made the Off-Broadway SoHo Playhouse home!

With the Broads, nothing is sacred, except an unflinching look at America today. It’s outrageous, it’s community, it’s a party on a stage.

Click here to see: www.broadcomedy.com