Executive Coaching

Katie works with CEO’s, managers, team leaders, HR, and employees themselves to help them thrive at work while having the creative, connected, sane life they crave!

Who Katie Likes To Work With: From Upper Management teams of major financial institutions to CEO’s of small boutique companies, Katie’s coaching gets you back on track and aligned with your goals and values. She has helped everyone from an executive at a financial institution on Wall Street who needed to learn how to trust herself to communicate how to change the culture for over 25,000 employees, to two creative partners at a small start-up in Brooklyn.

What Katie Can Help You With: Katie coaches on everything from management style to working on personal goals that will help you overcome overwhelm, learn how to embrace change, and handle the unexpected confidently.

Why Is Katie’s So Darn Good At This? What’s Her Experience?: Katie has had 23 years of on-the-ground experience in team-building. She has taught over 10,000 people the art of using improv comedy in work and in everyday life. She has run multiple businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, including a touring comedy show for 20 years and for-profit theatre camp with over 300 kids and 60 employees for the past 23 years. Katie knows how to create highly-functioning culture. Her work has brought enormous attention to her skills and her companies are a model for team-building and employee retention and enthusiasm. Katie knows how to translate that to other companies, helping them thrive.

How Katie Will Make Sure Her Coaching Fits Your Needs: Every client’s needs are different, so Katie will create an individual program with you, that suits your needs and budget. She works quickly to help you make the changes you needed yesterday! (We know that feeling!) She is approachable, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in your specific situation and challenges.

What we’ve always liked about Katie Goodman is her honest, truthful comedy that cracks us up and what we found when working with her in a more serious way was that her honest truth leads to a keen insight into people and their motivations and passions. Starting with the first session, she helped us realize that who we’ve been as a company doesn’t need to be who we are now. She encouraged us to get to the truth of what is actually meaningful to us in our work and in the clients we choose and to discard what had been weighing us down. We always left her office feeling inspired to take our business to a newer, better, more authentic place.
— Katie Keating & Erica Fite, Fancy NYC

Katie’s Executive Coaching Style

Katie coaches clients on two tracks simultaneously believing both are necessary for lasting changes: First, she helps people understand their organization’s culture and identify the problems the company is facing. Secondly, Katie works with the individual to tackle the struggles she is facing in her position, career, and often in her overall life. Katie works both from the inside and outside: helping her clients identify challenges at work, find their confidence, and taking that strength into the workplace to concretely fix what’s not working.