Katie teaches us how to absolutely adore the unexpected, thrive on change, and welcome the chaos. 

Katie helps people who are in the middle of a transition or wanting to grow to into a new version of themselves. She leads them to play and experience first hand how to take creative risks that align with their true desires, values and goals. Through the improv games and introspective conversations, retreat participants learn to be more comfortable growing and they can allow themselves to get lost enough so they come out the other side stronger and more clear about who they are and what they want. Plus it's a hell of a lot of fun!

A workshop of laughter and discovery exploring improvisational comedy games as tools to: 

• Access your inner creativity
• Learn to trust your ideas
• Stay in the flow of the moment
• Listen to your intuition
• Gag your inner critic
• Break from perfectionism
• See yourself as a creative, self-confident person
• Bond with other creative souls, laugh and have fun ...and discover how to apply these lessons to your daily life

An inspiring retreat shows how confronting stage fright can be a fun – and funny – way to tap into hidden confidence and creativity. This is women at their best – laughing, empathizing and noticing and applauding every tiny milestone that anyone reaches. Goodman, a bundle of positive energy, cultivates this atmosphere of trust and openess.... [She] somehow manages to be charming and challenging at the same time.
— New Age Journal
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"Improv for the Spirit is riotous and richly rewarding. Katie is both master comedian and life coach all at once. You will be transported and returned in a higher state of being."

-Janai Nelson

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"Wow! I am still trying to process all that I learned at your workshop. Improv is not my comfort zone for sure, but it did expand it. You are an amazing, gifted teacher and professional. I admire you for all your abilities to make people comfortable, help them to play and be creative. What a treasure you are."

-Allyson A.

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"Katie connects improv to life—so I came away with both hard skills on how to, for example, commit to character (harder than you might imagine), and soft skills to apply to my life, for example, "yes and" everything that comes your way. It was a weekend of courage and support. You know someone has found the touch with thirty women who are strangers to one another leap up to sing with costume hats and dive into the unknown."

-Molly Caro May

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"I have loved Katie’s shows and when a friend suggested that we attend her seminar, I immediately agreed. On the way over, though, I panicked because I have always been shy and could not really see myself participating in comedy exercises with people I don’t know! But Katie put everyone at ease right away and it was a day of full of fun, confidence building, and making new friends. And I found that I can in fact be funny! Katie is amazing – so warm, energetic, and creative and she brings out the best in everyone around her."

-Dominique Bravo