The Improvised Life Podcast with Katie Goodman, a speaker, life-coach, author and comedian teaching how to use the tools of comedy in everyday life.


The Improvised Life Podcast 

 Want to know how to improvise your way into the best version of your authentic self? Want to hear interviews with hilarious and brilliant best-selling authors, comedians, and creative minds like irreverent author Sara Knight, advice columnist Dan Savage, comedian John Fugelsang, and actress Kathy Najimy? Want to learn how to hack bad habits, gag your inner critic, and kick some creative entrepreneurial ass?

Join life-coach and comedian Katie Goodman to learn how to get unstuck and create the life and work you love, driven by purpose.



Join life-coach and comedian Katie Goodman to learn how to get unstuck and create the life and work you love, drive by purpose.

EPISode #1: How To Flourish

I'm going to show you how to create a very specific checklist that will keep you on-target to reach happiness and fulfillment so you don't end up running headlong to somewhere that will cause stress and disappointment.

EPISODE #23: Interview with Dan Savage: It DOES Get Better

Katie and Dan gab about his organization, the It Gets Better Project, and how to have an outside-the-box idea that makes a big impact on the world.

Episode #3: Jesus came to me in an overachiever dream.

I dreamed I was at a cocktail party filled with over-achievers...And Jesus showed up to tell me to lower the bar.

Episode #4: i brushed my teeth with the tap water in mexico again.

Habits are going to screw you or save you. We were in Mexico and my husband Soren was standing at the sink, and he KNOWS you don’t use tap water in Mexico to brush your teeth. But the habitual brain was TOTALLY in charge. How to use that to your advantage without getting Montezuma's Revenge.

episode #5:Affirmations can kiss my a--

People say, “If you REALLY believe in yourself, this will work!” That’s bull-oney… So what does work??


episode #6: Get lost!

So, what if you want to find the real you, but don’t know how…Who have I become? What do I want to do with my life? What if I give it all up and become someone else? And who the hell would that be??

Comedy, Improvisation, Woman Speaker, Funny Public Speaker.

Episode #21:Interview with George Carlin’s daughter Kelly Carlin

Kelly and Katie, friends for years, dish on their creative process, getting their asses handed to them by great directors, and why after 40 they didn't give a sh*t about what anyone else thinks.

Women speaker, comedy, improvisation, women in leadership.

episode #8: conditioning

When we are stripped down to our most primitive level, you’d think we’d become wonderfully clear, instinctive, a perfectly functioning animal... Nope! Don't be ruled by your conditioning!


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Using the Tools of Improv Comedy In Every Day Life

How To Gag Your Inner Critic & Have Confidence

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