Entrepreneuring On The Cheap: Kickstart Your Business Without Breaking The Bank!

I’ve been getting a lot of business questions from my readers asking advice on how to build their business, their tech systems, and a team to help support them when they don’t have a lot of cash to invest as a creative entrepreneur...

So, I thought I would put together a little list of what I did when I was starting to help give you some guidance!

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Happy New Year!

So right about now you are probably in one of two camps: either doubling down on some New year’s resolutions, or you’re like, “um, screw that. I don’t do resolutions.” Perhaps you’ve had your heart broken by resolutions not working in the past and of course you aren’t alone. I am myself not a big resolution girl because they generally don’t work the way we do them and they set us up for failure and heartbreak .

HOWEVER, today I’m not writing about resolutions or workbooks to change your life. I’m writing about feeling SCATTERED. Uuuugghhh. Feeling scattered is EXHAUSTING. And it totally keeps you from being creative, from feeling centered and calm, from feeling productive in a meaningful way.

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Find Something You Suck At

I am reading a book called Life Reimagined by Barbara Bradley Haggerty, and she tells a story about her father who tried to learn French and continued to do it for years and years hardly being able to speak it well at all but just kept on doing it I assume because he liked it on some level. But the great line that her father said was: “Some things are worth doing poorly.” What a great and hilarious idea for an overachiever to ponder!

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Last week I asked the wrong question: What is your definition of success? I wondered about happiness and about accomplishment and how the twain shall meet. But my real question was “how do we have a basically fulfilling life?” And I think the answer is that “meaning” is what leads to a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

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No News Is Good News

So, you wake up every morning with a sort of looming dread. It’s been years of this. The newspaper is sitting by the front door or you grab your phone to read it online. You go from a state of relatively refreshed well-being (because unconscious), and then you basically screw yourself. Bam. The reality of what’s happening in our country and our planet comes crashing back down. Great way to start your day. You’re a genius. Fun times.

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Five Stars?

Reviewers, smart ones, keep art alive. Now some smart ones just don’t like your stuff and they can piss off, but sometimes they do something that makes them a part of the beauty of the artistic process. And props to them for that!

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Katie Goodman
How Trump Sparked My Creativity

Today I have to start writing the next song for my show. Um…Nope. No ideas. Caffeine didn’t help. The fear of a looming deadline didn’t do it. Forcing myself to just sit the heck down at my desk didn’t just make it magically happen.

It was Trump. Specifically the comment that the 3,000 Puerto Ricans who died from the hurricane, didn’t actually die. (Seriously. Read the article here.)

Okay, well, yep that did it.

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Promoting Myself Into Oblivion

I’m a comedian. You’d think I spend my days writing jokes, funny songs, doing photo shoots like lying in a massive pile of banana peels. You know, the usge. Because that seems like what a comedian should do. But nope. Nopety nope nope. I am a professional Self-Promoter. Ugh. Garglefalookymuuuuugh. (That’s a comedy barfing sound.)

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